13th May 2019

Tamaki Māori Village celebrates 30 years of creativity, culture and new connections

Voted the 7th best experience in the world by TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice award, Tamaki Māori Village has gone from strength to strength and plans to unveil some new and exciting developments in its product offering as well as a brand refresh during TRENZ 2019.

TRENZ offers an opportunity to get an exclusive first look at Tamaki’s big reveal and is an open invitation to all friends of Tamaki Māori Village, both past and present, to celebrate its 30-year anniversary and new partnership with a local Māori iwi. Old roots and new ties will come together at Tamaki’s 30th Anniversary Celebration to honour the people who have helped make Tamaki Māori Village the success that it is today.

1989 was the year it all began. Doug and Mike Tamaki forged a turning point for tourism in Rotorua and forever changed the way people from around the world experienced cultural storytelling. Two kiwi cowboys doing things a bit differently. From old school buses to hot-rod Harleys and roundabout sing-alongs, a new storyline was unfolding and the families, couples, the globetrotters from near and far were all on board the one-of-a-kind Tamaki Māori Village experience.

Now 30 years on, Tamaki has become an iconic brand in tourism – a leading force that pioneers and inspires through authentic and meaningful cultural experiences that the world continues to applaud and celebrate.

“Tamaki Māori Village has always been one step ahead. We’ve worked relentlessly to create a deeper, richer cultural experience that gives our guests a true sense of place and belonging here. And for us, it’s the personal connections and takeaways they gain at Tamaki that matter – the insights and learnings for the next part of their journey,” reveals Co-Owner Mike Tamaki.

Through the years, the social and global impact of Tamaki has grown as more members of the community joined the emerging force in storytelling – the faces of Māori culture tourism. Hundreds of passionate staff have continued to carry the brand and experience forward over time – with some who remain part of the devoted Tamaki team to this day. World-class storytellers and culture caretakers dedicated to preserving and sharing the history, traditions, arts and ways of life of the Māori people. 

If you’d like to get involved with Tamaki Māori Village’s 30th Anniversary Celebration or would like more details on how to attend, please send your enquiries through to lady@maoriculture.co.nz

For more information contact:
Lady Saifiti
Sales & Marketing Manager
+64 7 349 2999