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  • Pepeha | Who are you?

    This is where our story begins. A pepeha is how Māori introduce themselves.

    We invite you to share your story with us – your place of belonging.

    Create your pepeha

Te Maunga | The Mountain

What maunga has shaped you, the mountain that challenges you and has helped you rise above?

Create your pepeha

Te Awa | The Body of Water

Where are the waters that call your name and take you to your edge – a life source you always return to?

Create your pepeha

No Ahau | My City

How far have you come –  where is the heart of your village? Where do your roots lie?

Create your pepeha

Whānau | My Family

Who are your whānau, the ones that have nurtured and shaped you?

Create your pepeha

Tōku ingoa | My Name

What is your name, how does the world know you?

Create your pepeha

  • “Very enjoyable evening witnessing the Māori performance... the dinner was a sumptuous feast and a gastronomical delight... everyone overeats at this place.”

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  • “Loved this tour. It was so much fun to be included and take part in the cultural experience, not just watch it. Definitely take the bus trip, it was a great way to start and finish. The meal was hearty and delicious.”

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  • “Went for the tour and dinner. A wonderful experience to get an understanding of the culture. Each station explained another activity and element of the Māori. Everything was in period and interactive. Even dinner was traditional and cooked as the Māori would have.”

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  • “We attended the show and hangi...and loved everything about it. My cousins from the UK also thought it was wonderful and very informative with regards to the Māori culture. A great learning experience. We loved the hangi...beautifully cooked. Well worth the money and we would take any overseas visitors to this evening.”

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  • “This was an excellent introduction to the culture and traditions of the Māori. Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Food was much better than expected and plentiful. Tutorials and demonstrations were fun and informative. Highly recommend.”

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  • “We took my cousin from the U.K down to Rotorua and had heard good things from other family that had visited. WOW! Blew us out of the water! I learnt a lot, had a lot of fun and a great feed. Also the bus drive there and back with Davey was HIGHLY entertaining. Would highly recommend in future.”

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